New High-speed Wi-Fi in UAE Cities Makes Public Life Easy


The United Arab Emirates took a step towards transforming its smart vision of a digital future by launching high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity across all public locations. Wi-Fi coverage across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and other cities is aligned with the UAE’s smart vision of digitally streamlined public life and tourism growth.

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The newly launched Wi-Fi service is of the highest quality so that residents and visitors can get quick access to Internet on their mobile devices in over 250 public locations. With the most advanced technology in place, this initiative is expected to encourage the UAE residents to adopt a digital culture through seamless Internet access in their day-to-day lives. Titled “UAE Wi-Fi”, it is all set to revolutionize the way people use Internet for different purposes across the country.

The mobile data customers of Etisalat, with subscriptions of 1 GB data package or higher, are entitled to use the public Wi-Fi service free of cost. The free Wi-Fi allowance is available from 5 hours to 30 hours of high-speed Internet connectivity, depending on mobile data package subscriptions.

All citizens of the United Arab Emirates can also have the facility to access and use unlimited Wi-Fi with Wi-Fi packages from Etisalat, an Internet service provider. They can use their local credit cards or recharge cards to pay for it. Validity of a Wi-Fi package starts right from the time a user first accesses the service.

Many public places like shopping malls, parks, airports, bus stops, etc. are equipped with high-tech systems so that people can access Internet-based services by connecting to the Wi-Fi network at these places. An SMS containing PIN number is sent to a user’s mobile phone upon registration. The user’s mobile number is supposed to be the login ID and the PIN received is the password. If the user is unable to access the free Wi-Fi service after successful registration, he/she should purchase one of the Wi-Fi packages to enjoy the privilege of getting unlimited Wi-Fi.

This innovative service would keep people connected with the world, streamline their daily needs, and set a new benchmark of public life, according to Khaled El Khouly, the Chief Consumer Officer of Etisalat. He also said that Etisalat would be providing a high quality Wi-Fi service without hassles of advertisements, pop-ups, etc. to the citizens.

With fiber backhauling from the extensive fiber-optic network, speed of the public Wi-Fi service can go up to 300 Mbps.


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