USA Issues New Regulations for Foreign Travelers to Provide More Personal Details or Face Sanctions


The US State Department is taking all steps that are required to protect the country from any potential terrorist threat. As per the new regulations for travel to USA, the Department of Homeland Security is asking US-bound travelers for more personal details. The US government has directed countries to provide in-depth information of all applicants in order to scrutinize them thoroughly if they seem to pose a terrorist threat.

US Immigration Policy: New Regulations for Travel to USA

The US Department of Homeland Security has sent a clear message to all the countries that if they fail to comply with the new regulations for travel to USA within 50 days, they will face sanctions on travel. The new regulations for travelers to USA are integral to the latest US immigration policy in the current political regime of America.

Foreign countries have been intimated to provide additional identity details of their US visa applicants, including bio metric and biographic details as and when required. As per the new regulations for travel to USA, the Homeland Security department may ask foreign countries to furnish criminal records of those nationals who are suspected to be criminals.

For the first time, the US government has raised standards with regard to scrutiny of foreign travelers’ identity and background in compliance with the need of the hour for national security. The new regulations for travelers to USA are the latest in the series of steps that the Trump administration has been taking to safeguard the nation and protect the interests. The former officials however term this as a routine exercise to share information between countries.

John Sandweg, a former senior Homeland Security Department official who is now with the firm Frontier Solutions, said that some US-friendly countries may worry about their national privacy if the White House asks for more information than what is already shared. It may be difficult for those countries to prove against some of the risk factors which the US government considers while evaluating a country. The countries may be required to accept their citizens if they are deported from US for certain reasons as per the latest US immigration policy.

Leon Rodriguez, the former director of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, said that actual worries for countries would arise only when the new regulations for travelers to USA would be implemented. There could be a backfire if the processing of US visa applications from US-friendly nations is delayed.


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